A Thanksgiving Lunch at School

At the beginning of this school year a student from the United States was introduced to our class. Her name is Catherine and she studies at university here in Vienna. She’s here every second week on Thursday and shows and tells us a lot about her home country and traditions there that we have often never heard of.
Once she told us about the Thanksgiving tradition in the US. The Thanksgiving tradition has its roots in the early years of the US when colonists first arrived and happily celebrated their arrival on the new land.
 After taking a look at the calendar it turned out that the Thursday in exactly 2 weeks was actually Thanksgiving. So our teacher had the gorgeous idea to recreate a classical Thanksgiving dinner in our class. Even though it would be more like a Thanksgiving lunch.
Then the planning began…
Everyone was discussing what meal they should prepare and bring to school. While some were looking forward to bringing a good mood to the meal, others resolved on bringing delicious traditional American thanksgiving dishes like for example cornbread, apple pie, meat, sweet potatoes with marshmallows and many more.
Then, on the 28th of November the day had come…

We (6A) decided to make a Thanksgiving dinner in our English lesson. Everybody brought some traditional food, which had a connection to Thanksgiving in America. There were some sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, cooked vegetables, three types of different pies, Brussel sprouts and chicken breast. We had two tables for 18 people with plates of the incredible homecooked meals.
The group which prepared the chicken in a pan looked like chefs. A lot of spices were put on the meat before they roasted it. Some other classmates brought the side dishes to the microwave in the cafeteria and warmed them up.
When the dinner table was ready some people had already sat down and enjoyed watching Macy´s Thanksgiving Day Parade from New York. The whole room smelled delicious and everybody was hungry.
Then the first chicken was ready and our teacher thanked everyone for the food they had brought and once again welcomed our teaching assistant Catherine from Texas. After this, everybody filled their plates with the awesome food and started eating. It was absolutely great!
At the end we ate all the pies and were sooooo full that nobody had to eat for the next month... 
(Lena, Lara, Felix, 6A)

Fotos: V.Grafl