SPRACHMANIA - Englisch-Fremdsprachenwettbewerb 2019

This year in February, three students of the class 7C (Teresa Pastor, Bruna Hauschild and Chiara Kuzmich) took part in the preliminary competitions of the “Sprachmania”. The  preliminaries consisted of a written and an oral exam. A few weeks later in March, the whole class watched the finals of the competition. In this event, the finalists had to hold a speech and participate in an interview with two native speakers. There was a board of judges that decided on the winners: Indira, Michelle and Zoe had given fantastic performances and well deserved their prizes.
If you are one of the best students of English in the Oberstufe and you don’t have native English speaking family or spend a lot of time in English speaking countries, why don’t you apply to take part in the competition next year? Ms Neal is looking forward to hearing from you!

The class 7C has written about the events and here is what they had to say...

Taking part in the preliminaries:
“At the end of February, I went to the English-competition sponsored by the ‘Arbeiterkammer Wien’. When I got there, we had to wait a little while and and got used to our environment. After about 15 minutes we were invited into the room where we would be writing our tests. A team of seven people explained what we would have to do and gave us the exams. We had to do two reading tasks first, followed by two listening tasks. I thought the reading part was quite hard since the level of the test was C1 (CEFR).
On the second day we discussed a topic with another contestant in front of two judges. We were given a partner and had to talk to them a little before discussing the topic. My partner was a very nice girl from Russia and we connected instantly, but unfortunately, our discussion wasn’t that good. It was still a great experience.” - Bruna
“I am glad that I got the opportunity to take part in this competition. I personally think that Michelle should have won, her skills were incredibly good and both her speech and interview were awesome.” - Chiara
“Taking part in the first round of the WIFI English-Competition was a very interesting experience which showed me what standardized English test can look like. Seeing the ten finalists compete was even more educating and good to see, as it demonstrated how well some can use their language skills.” - Teresa

The interviews:
“Indira’s interview was my favourite because she was speaking very fluently and she was confident of what she was doing. It felt more like a regular conversation than an interview in a competition.” – Marie
“I liked Michelle’s interview, she did well but I would have done it in a different way.” – Leonardo
“I thought that Ruben spoke very fluently. He was able to speak about the topic with a very philosophical, worldly view.” - Joachim
“My favourite interview was Michelle’s, because the quote she had to speak about was quite different from the others and difficult to interpret.” – Matthias
“I enjoyed all the different opinions on the quotes in the interviews.” - Ruben

The speeches:
“My favourite speech was Indira’s. She opened the speech with a quote and a rhetorical question. So she involved the audience, which is very good, I think. Indira also used humour many times, which made the audience laugh. She grabbed the attention of the people in front of her. I think she also used very good statements to support her point of view. In the end, she was able to persuade her audience.” – Korinna
“’Beautiful people have more success’ – was my favourite speech, because it is a hot topic these days. I thought that the candidate explained the topic and its problems very well and I enjoyed listening to him.” - Theresa
“I really liked Indira’s speech because she spoke freely and also directly to the audience. Although I didn’t agree with her at all, I liked how she presented her topic and it was definitely my favourite speech. All in all, I really liked the event and I would love to go there again next year.” – Judith
“Michelle held my favourite speech. I thought she spoke very clearly and freely. She presented her topic ‘financial education’ very well and I think she convinced her audience of her point of view.” - Lisa

The winners:
“Indira’s speech was very professional as well as Michelle’s. For me, it was difficult to tell which one of them was the better one. I was really astonished at the range of vocabulary the winners had and how good their pronunciation was. They really sounded like native speakers.” – Marie-Christin
“I liked the way Indira presented herself and I really liked listening to her. She talked in a very confident way. I can understand why she won, because she was by far the best speaker with a huge range of vocabulary.” - Michaela

The event organisation:
“I really liked the interviews and the buffet from which we could take various pies and juices plus coffee. I didn’t like the speeches as much as the interviews because after some time I couldn’t concentrate on their topics anymore.” – Alexander
“The location was very beautiful. You could see the skyline of Vienna and the meeting room was very bright, that’s why I thought the atmosphere was very pleasant.” - Lia
“The event was well structured with good time management. Free coffee and juice for everyone! The judges and the interviewers did a great job.” – Martin

(M. Neal + Schüler*innen)

Projekt "Open Bookshelf" (5A)

My class, 5a, decided to do an open bookshelf project. I liked this idea, because it´s good for the students of our school. 
At first, we talked about our favourite books and how much they influenced us. Afterwards we discussed what an open bookshelf is. After we had decided to do the project we built groups. Every group had a different job. Some went to the headmistress, some made posters. We also did a lot of brainstorming. It was fun to do.
I was in a group with Nadine. Our duty was to check where the shelf could be installed. We went to Mr Holic, our school caretaker and asked him if he could make the shelf. He agreed. But we realised that we couldn´t hang the shelf where we wanted to, because of fire regulations. So we found another perfect position in the cafeteria.
After two weeks we could do the inauguration ceremony. I wasn’t there, because I had a choir practice. However, I heard that it was great fun, although it was really embarrassing, because a lot of people were watching. At the end Mrs. Grafl took a foto.
I hope for the future that many students will use the open bookshelf. I also think that it will be successful, because there will be more books for everyone. I think it´ll work! (Text: Belinda Giczi, 5a; Fotos: V.Grafl)

The poster announcing the bookshelf
Browsing through the new books on the shelf
Some students from 5a, Mr. Nöhrer and Mrs. Grafl in front of the new bookshelf in the cafeteria

English Breakfast with the 1C

Aus dem Spanischunterricht: Un artículo de las clases 8AB (Febrero de 2019)

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El “Evangelisches Gymnasium und Werkschulheim” está situado en el distrito once de Viena. La dirección es Erdbergstraße 222A. Somos una escuela especial. Además del bachillerato nuestra escuela ofrece la posibilidad de aprender uno de tres aprendizajes diferentes – el de orfebrería, de ingeniería informática y de carpintería. Este tarda un año más que el instituto general. Terminas con un examen de oficial y un bachillerato polivalente así que tienes todas las opciones de continuar los estudios en las diversas universidades austríacas.

Somos una escuela confesional protestante con enfoque social diacónico. Nuestro instituto trabaja directamente con la Diakonie Austria. Incluso hay una residencia de ancianos en el mismo edificio que nuestra escuela. Nuestro instituto es una gran oportunidad.

En Austria tenemos muchas posibilidades diferentes de obtener educación y formación  profesional. Tenemos institutos generales e institutos técnicos que son especializados en casi todas las profesiones. Las posibildades son ilimitadas. Tenemos la suerte que tod@s pueden recibir la educación que busquen. Los institutos generales te preparan al bachillerato sin enfoque especial. (B. Lemmel + Schüler*innen)

"France Tour" Workshops am 19.12. in einigen 4. Klassen

Fotos: B. Schubert