Trips to England

4B in England

Die 4B verbrachte ihre Sprachwoche Ende November/Anfang Dezember 2013 in Devon, England. Die kalten, klaren Tage und die sternenreichen Nächte in der herrlichen Landschaft werden uns allen noch lange in Erinnerung bleiben. Nachfolgend einige Tagebucheintragungen und Bilder:

We were at a lifeboat station. There were special boats. We had a guided tour and we were allowed to put on the dry-suits and the rest of the equipment. I liked the big boats. We had a lot of fun. What a perfect day. - Clemens, Moritz, Philip Sch.

Today we went to Dartmoor. We climbed up high rocks and jumped down. When we were up there we had a great view. We saw many cows and ponies and we saw the sun setting on the horizon. - Christoph, Leo

I think the best thing was crabbing. On a stick there was a long line. At the end of the line there was some meat. When the crab bit into the meat, we carefully pulled up the line. But often the crab let go of the meat. So we had to be quick. Christopher had a net and caught them when they fell. - Christoph, Leo

Today we visited the Eden Project. In the tropical biome there is the biggest rainforest in Europe. It was the most impressive trip we made in England. I learned a lot about plants and how important they are for people. - Lisa

In the middle of the second week we went body surfing. The sea was really cold and surfing was really cool. It was hard to stand up on the board. The waves were high. We glided over the waves. I think surfing was one of the best activities. - Chiara, Julia, Vici

That day we went into a climbing hall. There I learned that you can try to push your boundaries. - Jonathan

Poems by 4C: We wrote these poems as part of an evening activity at Moorland Hall in April 2014.

We went to Moorland Hall / and we had a lot of fun overall. / There were a lot of sheep / and the sea was very deep. / The food was extremely nice. / I wonder why we didn’t see any mice. / Our time was absolutely great / and I hope we’ll get a good grade. (Rebecca, Nicole, Iris, Lenny, Florian, Clemens)

Mysterical / Outback / Organised / Remarkable / Lovely / Awesome / Nice / Duty (Naemi, Max, Chris, Kerstin, Karo)

We did the exercises very fast / and it ended at half past. / In the evening it was very late, / but for lunch we had good things on our plate.(Marcel, Altan, Constantin, Armin, Sophie)

I think our group is fit / but we’re also a hit. / We do our thing very well - / that’s what I can tell. (Lukas, Paul, Lilly, Anh, Freddy)

In Moorland Hall everything is really cool / but we were never allowed to go into the pool. / We went to many new places / and we also saw a lot of new faces. / To do so much sport was hard / but it was a big part / so we did it every day / and all the people were just like “yay”!  (Julia, David, Anna-Maria, Julian, Veronika)

Impressions of 4D

We really enjoyed our weeks in England in March 2014. These are the reasons why we would go there again:

First, it’s good that we not only had English lessons, but that we did sports too. We were speaking English all the time. - Franz-Paul, Max, Daniel, Amanuel

We got to know a new culture and learned a lot about the different lifestyle in England. - Pia and Winny

We improved our English not only during the lessons, but also during the activities, while talking to the instructors there. - Caspar, Jenny, Oliver 

We’ve learned a lot of new things, and since that trip to England we have known how to work as a team and how to communicate better! - Julian, Jessica, Michael

On our moor walks, we saw lots of sheep, ponies and birds. It was fantastic to see a different kind of landscape than what we are used to in Austria. - Luisa and Julia

Anh and Armin in the Plymouth Aquarium
4C in London
London; Eye-Naemi, Lilly, Sophie, Samantha and Anna
4D at Moorland Hall
4D at the beach
Lifeboat Station in Looe
The Eden Project, SchülerInnen der 4B
Chiara und Clemens mit ihren Surfbrettern
SchülerInnen der 4B, KV Mag.Christoph Schramm, Amy, Chris
Krabbenfischen in Padstow, SchülerInnen der 4B
Paul, Amy, Philipp und Matthias auf einem Tor auf dem Dartmoor